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Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD


Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dr. Joshua M Ignatowicz

Joshua M. Ignatowicz is a general dentist, excelling in cosmetic and implant dentistry. He graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he received the top clinicians award. He continues to devote time to new developments and techniques in the dental field, ensuring his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced care.

Both doctor and staff are committed to presenting their patients with superlative care. Gentle, skilled, and understanding, Dr. Ignatowicz always takes the time to understand and meet his patients needs. He is pleased to have had many opportunities to serve his community, volunteering for Give Kids a Smile, the Susan B. Komen foundation, and at local elementary schools, where he taught the importance of oral hygiene.

Dr. Ignatowicz resides with his wife and daughters in Las Vegas, where family is his number one accomplishment and priority. They enjoy walks in the park, swimming, trips to Disneyland, and barbecuing with friends and family.

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